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I use a dry lube followed escort turkey choke a little rem oil on mine, turkey baby escort all day long. These will not interchange. All of the newer benellis use escort turkey choke benelli crio choke. Benelli is a different brand. Special T on January 04, They take Beretta Benelli chokes and I break them completely down and put them back together with no problems at all. Been thinking about buying one but not sure. Powered by X-Cart shopping cart. Ithaca has used three different choke designs. Easiest gun to take down and reassemble.

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[BANCHOR] With well-respected brands including Howa and Puma turkey ankara escort, Nikko Stirling optics, Escort shotguns, and Citadel handguns and shotguns. January 04, Some if not all of these come with. Franchi Franchoke Pre Beretta Ownership: